24×32 CM |9,4′ X 12,6″
KWK Centrum Szyb Rejtan

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Title: KWK Centrum / Trzy Szyby / 24×32 CM |9,4′ X 12,6′ Watercolour on paper Hahnemuhle 425 g/m2 Framed: 44,5 cm x 52,5 cm (wood, glasse, white duble passepartu)


Elegy of the Depths: Watercolor Portrait of a Former Coal Mine and Shafts

In the heart of an industrial city Bytom, where echoes of labor and echoes of history intertwine, there exists a hauntingly beautiful portrayal captured in the delicate medium of watercolor – the former coal mine and its towering shaft. This evocative piece of art serves as a silent witness to the toils of yesteryears, etching the memories of generations into its weathered façade.

As one gazes upon the watercolor, a landscape of contrasts unfolds before the eyes. The coal mine, once a beacon of industry and progress, now stands as a solemn monument to the bygone era of extraction and exploitation. Its rusted machinery and crumbling infrastructure tell a story of sacrifice and struggle, of men who descended into the depths in search of black gold.

Beside the mine, the towering three shafts rises defiantly from the earth, its skeletal frame a testament to the ingenuity of human engineering. Yet, there is a melancholic beauty to its decay, a poignant reminder of the impermanence of human endeavors. Each brushstroke captures the intricate details of erosion and abandonment, while the colors of rust and moss imbue the scene with a sense of nostalgia and loss.

As the viewer delves deeper into the painting, they may feel a sense of reverence for the men who toiled in the darkness, their efforts fueling the fires of progress. They may hear the distant echoes of pickaxes and coal carts, the heartbeat of a bygone era that still resonates in the depths of the earth.

Ultimately, the watercolor portrait of the former coal mine and shaft is a meditation on the cyclical nature of human existence. It is a reminder that even as we strive to conquer the depths of the earth, we are but temporary custodians of its treasures. In its quiet dignity, it invites us to pause and reflect on the legacy we leave behind, and to find beauty in the passage of time.

Title: KWK Centrum Szyb Rejtan /   24×32 CM |9,4′ X 12,6″

Watercolour on paper Hahnemuhle 425 g/m2

Framed: 37 cm x 45 cm (wood, glasse, white duble passepartu)

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 25 cm


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KWK Centrum Szyb Rejtan”

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