Original abstract hand painted paintings

Create a work, show your emotions, memories and desires in it … It’s a bit like letting someone inside you. That is why my hand-painted paintings intrigue, move and delight hearts. Abstract art flows from the soul and touches a piece of the soul. The part that you show to others or the one that you leave only for yourself.

What will you find here? I create all kinds of works of art. I propose a unique collection of zodiac signs and abstract canvases inspired by nature, feelings and the heart. I make original works that are an excellent proposition for collectors. My Moment also creates posters, reproductions of my works.

The canvases I have for you can hang in the living room, bedroom, office, children’s room. Wherever your heart tells you. Perhaps you will find something for yourself, or maybe a gift for a loved one? What if you don’t see the perfect piece for your interior? Let me know! I can paint a one-of-a-kind painting on request. My hand and your ideas will give a unique effect!


My art world

Original, abstract paintings on canvas, created with passion and love for what is beautiful and unique. The art that surrounds you influences your person, emotions and sense of humor every day. Choose an image that fits perfectly into your interior. Get pleasure and good energy from being among the original work painted by the artist who creates and describes the vibrations in the heart especially for you. Emotions and beauty transferred to the canvas is a unique connection between the artist and the viewer. The paintings are most often made using acrylic and watercolor techniques, which results in dynamic, full of colors and sometimes subdued works that will delight many people with their unique ideas. These paintings are fully original, so the art collector can find something here that will not only be beautiful, but also provoke reflection and decorate the interior in an extraordinary way.
Signs of the zodiac

Love is a beautiful mini collection of three large illustrations, filled with symbolism. the theme is the harmony that surrounds us.
The Sun and the Moon are harmony and balance, and the Ginkgo Leaf is strength, harmony and love.

The interaction of these three symbols also gives the painterly coherence and beauty at the same time.

Znak Zodiaku Rak Akwarela Personalizowany Prezent
Znak Zodiaku Panna Akwarela Personalizowany Prezent
Znak Zodiaku Wodnik Akwarela Personalizowany Prezent
We need art very much. It develops, allows you to distract your thoughts from problems, to look into your soul. It is something different for everyone. This is what is most beautiful about it. For me, the time of painting is a synonym of complete happiness. The effects fill me with satisfaction and joy. These and other positive feelings are an extraordinary value that I want to share with others. That is why I run painting workshops for women and children. They are held periodically in Bytom. During meetings, I not only give tips and help to transfer feelings to the canvas. First of all, I show that you can also create! Workshops for everyone I try to make our painting meetings a safe refuge for all participants. A space where you can develop passion, listen to yourself or forget about the whole world. I adjust the program to the needs of the participants. Activities for children are full of experiments, laughter and lots of paint! Meetings for women are a mixture of strength, sensitivity, exchange of experiences and inspiring each other. Do you need it in your life? See you later!

Magdalena Wesołowska (born 1981)
Painter, educator, initiator of creative activities
A graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

Painting in the studio of prof. Tadeusz Rus. Diploma in 2007.

It is shown primarily through the rhythm, intensity and intensity of colors and the contrast between them. 

These are the main features of my painting, where color and playing with it are a visible spectrum and can be used at any time and on any surface on which I create.

By painting, I create a new, unimaginable space within myself. The emotions of my interior emanate on the canvas.

I take the recipient and myself to other abstract worlds to experience peace, soothing colors emanating with beauty and pulsating with life.


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A story, but also a beautiful call about being here and now, about being with someone, about the good.The inspiration…

Magdalena Wesołowska +48 515444050 / artist(at ) magdalenawesolowska.co

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