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Magdalena Wesołowska

I create with love and adoration

I paint fleeting moments and indefinite emotions.
With great joy and peace in my heart, I approach the canvas and paint. This is my passion, but also a path that comes straight from the heart.
In my paintings you will find feelings, magic and a pinch of calm.

I present to you hand-painted paintings painted with various techniques: oil on canvas, acrylic on linen and magically flowing watercolors.

In my store you will find original abstract paintings on canvas, magical watercolors evoking memories, astral, lunar and star constellations art prints.

If you dream of a painting that you cannot find, I will be happy to paint it for you!

Let your walls be decorated with pictures from the heart.
Let them add good energy to your surroundings.

Magdalena Wesołowska (born 1981)
Painter, educator, initiator of creative activities
A graduate of the University of Silesia in Katowice. Painting in the studio of prof. Tadeusz Rus. Diploma in 2007.


2023.XI – Incoming- Slo Show “WATER” Centrum Spotkań Europejskich “Światowid” Elbląg PL

2023 – Solo Show “Przenikania” Chorzów PL

2023 – Solo Show Exchibition ” WATER” 3U10 Gallery Warsaw PL

2022 – Exhibition “No words needed” Eleventenstudio Bazel Swiss

2013 – Exhibition “Generations”, Bytom PL

2011 – Festival of High Art “Between the Sun and the Prince” – diptych “In time and space” Bytom PL

2010 – “Faces, portraits, masks” Exhibition at the University Gallery, Cieszyn 2010 – Festival of High Art in Bytom PL

2009 – April Exhibition of works by students and graduates of the Faculty of Arts in Cieszyn – Small Theatre in Tychy PL

2008 – Individual exhibition “Body” Przemyśl Klub Muha PL

2007 – Group exhibition – “Bytom artists present” – Od Nowa Gallery, Bytom PL

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