30×40 cm |11,8′ X 15,7″
Znurzona w głębinie


Immersed in the depths

I’m taking a step forward… This is my story of transgression. About the moment of transition from the obvious
world is the world of Nature, in which water is a living organism, thinking, feeling and
moving. He invites me inside himself and allows me to influence him by connecting with me
intuitive dialogue.
I’m talking to the water.
I can feel her movement. I feel her stillness.
She is strong.


I find inspiration in nature. I love sea and sand. I always been fascinated by its calmness yet knowing the strength and power it can bring that causes harm and destruction.
Title: Immersed in the depths / 30 cm x 40 cm |11,8′ X 15,7″ / Acril, Pencil on paper Hahnemuhle 425 g/m2

Framed: 49 cm x 59 cm (wood, glasse, white passepartu)

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 25 cm


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Znurzona w głębinie”

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