70×80 cm 27,5 |’ X 31,5″
When Sadness Cover the Haert

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New Horizon was formed in the winter of 2023 during a time of personal unrest. I was recovering from burnout juggling too many things and everything felt a little too loud. In the noise, I entered the studio, turned on the music, said my mantras and painted. The words – peace is no accident – kept running through my mind – the need to create sacred spaces and deliberately find calm in the storm. Let this image be a constant reminder in your home that peace is precious. It’s worth looking for. Even if you have to carve out silence from the chaos.

Created as a part of the WATER Collection.


Dimenssion: 70×80 cm 27,5 |’ X 31,5″

acrylic on canvas

signed at the back
supplied with certificate of authenticity


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 100 × 25 cm


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When Sadness Cover the Haert”

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