70×90 cm 27,5 |’ X 35,4″

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thermal power plant
The Magic Bytomia – Abstract Landscapes of Silesia project was implemented in 2023.

His goal was to create a series of paintings on canvas and painting sketches.

The works are inspired by the diversity of his hometown of Bytom, its architecture and industrial past. They also refer to the changing seasons and the amazing landscapes created by nature. This combination creates panoramas typical of the city, presented in a whole palette of colors.

The landscape of Bytom transferred by the artist, shown in a painted form, acquires a new quality contained on the canvas.

The finale of the work is an exhibition at the Palace in Miechowice on February 4, 2024 and a series of meetings with the artist.

From the artist:

In my oil paintings, I wanted to capture the horizon with the chimneys of thermal power plants and windows visible in the distance. Some of them show more post-industrial buildings, because the landscape of Bytom is full of these memorial monuments reminding of its rich industrial history.

For me, magical sunsets and sunrises seen from my family home were always enriched with the addition of chimneys. Even though I live in Silesia, I don’t know the inside of the mines, but they have always accompanied my daily walks.

Over time, I understand my Silesianness more and more and I see what is in me from my grandmother and great-grandmother. I discover beauty in what for many is industrial ugliness.

That’s why I’m attracted to and aroused melancholy by a landscape full of shafts or chimneys with a cloud of white smoke hovering over them…

Created as a part of the Abstract Landscapes of Silesia Collection.


Dimenssion: 70×90 cm 27,5 |’ X 35,4″

oil on canvas

signed at the back
supplied with certificate of authenticity


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 80 × 100 × 25 cm


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